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Ruslyn Reels

Their rugged, but lightweight construction and ergonomic design means that it can be operated in adverse conditions, even with gloves, enabling the delicate handling of optical fibre and data cable.

• Essential in the retrieval and deployment of WD-1/TT, WD-1A/TT, WF-16/U, EF-8/G land communications cables

• Delicate handling of optical fibre and data cable used in BTN, SATCOM and ADSL

• OH&S deployment of detonator cord, firing cable, breathing apparatus hose, diver life line, hooker hose, power supply cables, barrier and NDT tape, rope, hose and wire

• Available in a range of colours and sizes

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Ruslyn Cord Wheel

The Ruslyn Cordwheel® NSN 8130/661533558 is a Mil Spec ergonomic hand held reel in use by Defence, Emergency Services, Homeland Security and Industry for the deployment of cables, fibre, ropes, hoses, detonator cord, breathing apparatus, tape and wire.

Cordwheel datasheet

Ruslyn Pack Reel

The Ruslyn Pack Reel® NSN 8130/661596431 has been designed to be carried by dismounted personnel in Army, Navy and Air Force including Combat Engineers, Search, EOD, Comms, Special Ops, Clearance Divers and Aerospace. This small reel is a rugged lightweight ergonomic device that can be operated by a gloved hand in any conditions to deploy hook and line, cable, rope, wire and cord.

Pack Reel Info

Cordwheel optional Mount Bracket

The optional Cordwheel® Mounting Bracket NSN 5340/661562603 is designed to easily mount the Cordwheel on a post, wall, boat or vehicle. It allows the cord wheel to be accessed quickly for deployment or retrieval of cable, rope hose and wire. The cord wheel mount bracket is manufactured with marine grade aluminium and is a valuable accessory for the Ruslyn Cordwheel.

Bracket Info


Details available from the Ruslyn web site.